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本文摘要:英语二大作文一、社科类(网络、科技、旅游等)网恋 cyber romanceWith the development of internet , cyber romance has gradually become increasingly popular among people .随着网络的生长,网恋在人们中逐渐盛行起来。


英语二大作文一、社科类(网络、科技、旅游等)网恋 cyber romanceWith the development of internet , cyber romance has gradually become increasingly popular among people .随着网络的生长,网恋在人们中逐渐盛行起来。网购 online shoppingOnline shopping has revolutionized the consumer experience .网购已经使消费者的购物体验发生了革命性的变化。团购 group buyingNot everyone thinks group-buying and shopping online is the best way to save money .并非所有的人都认为团购和网上购物是省钱的最佳途径。秒杀 sec-kill网店 online shop/storeTo give our customers a greater choice , we keep updating our range of products on our online shop regularly .网上商店的货物亦会定期更新,为我们的主顾提供新鲜感。

Whether you're working on a portfolio website , online store or Web app , making your pages easy and enjoyable for your visitors to use is key .无论你是在做一个作品集网站、网上商店还是网络应用,让你的页面临用户来说可以容易和快乐的使用是一个关键。信誉 creditCredit is the life-blood of the consumer society .信誉是消费界的生命线。

退款 refundAsk for a refund if the goods are faulty .商品如有缺陷,可要求退款。科学技术 science and technologyScience and technology have made major changes to the way we live .科技极大地改变了我们的生活方式。电脑犯罪 computer crimeSabotage is also an increasingly common type of computer crime .蓄意破坏也是日益增加的普遍的电脑犯罪。

电子商务 e-commerceThe first law of e-commerce is that if users cannot find the product , they cannot buy it either .电子商务的第一规则是,如果用户不能找到商品,他们就不会购置它。虚拟生活 virtual lifeMost players live out virtual life with more than one character , as if they are trying out various facets of their persona .另外,绝大多数的玩家都市在他们的虚拟生活中饰演多个角色,就好象他们要去实验其人格中的多种面目一样。信息时代 information eraAlong with the coming of information era , cellphone has become necessary consumer goods .随着信息时代的到来,手机已成为人们离不开的消费品。

网上冲浪 surf the InternetBut keeping in mind that the netbook is primarily used to surf the Internet , those dangers are possibly multiplied many-fold , especially if there is no anti-virus software installed in the machine .尤其需要提高警惕的是,上网本的主要用途是网上冲浪,因此其遭遇危险的可能性加倍,尤其是如果上网本没有安装反病毒软件的话。电子书 electronic bookThe electronic book is a new type of book which is developing rapidly , and its appearance is a challenge to the mode of traditional knowledge propagation and copyright protection .电子书是近年来快速生长的新型图书形式,它的泛起对传统的著作权及其掩护方式提出了尖锐的挑战。网拍麻豆 net model浏览器购物 monitor shopping橱窗购物 window shoppingAlmost every shop is full of special offers and bargains , which can make it hard to just go window shopping .险些每家商店都有特价,打折运动,这使得要做到光看不买的去逛商店变得太难了。网络书评 internet book reviewHis paper takes internet book review as an example to analyse present situation of library and give several suggestions for library's internet book review .文章以网络书评服务为例,分析了现在图书馆网络书评事情的现状,提出了增强图书馆网络书评服务事情的几点建议。

网上纠纷 online disputeWith the rapid development of electronic commerce , more and more online disputes appear . Because the characteristic of online dispute , network becomes the best choice .电子商务的飞速生长使得以其为基础的网上纠纷也越来越多,网上纠纷的特殊性使得其通过特殊的方式即网络来解决成为首选。恶性骚扰 malicious harassmentMalicious harassment as the development of the telecommunications industry has become intensified , result in serious harm to society .恶意短信骚扰随着电信行业的生长变得愈演愈烈,给社会带来严重的危害。品质保证 quality guaranteeGood management of classroom discipline problems is to develop the teaching job premise , harmonious classroom environment is to improve the classroom teaching quality guarantee .治理好课堂纪律问题是开展教学事情的前提,和谐的课堂情况是提高课堂教学质量的保证。二、教育类(就业率、结业生人为、留学人数等)造就 cultivateWe must cultivate their ability to analyze and solve problems .我们必须造就他们分析问题,解决问题的能力。

课余的 extracurricularA great many American campuses and communities have organized special extracurricular activities for students from other countries .许多美国校园和社团都为来自其他国家的学生组织了特此外课外运动。填鸭式 duck-stuffingSimultaneously , the great pressure of college entrance examination and " duck-stuffing " teaching cause the loss of senior students' happiness in learning English .同时,庞大的升学压力和“填鸭式”课堂教学,造成高中学生英语学习幸福感的缺失。文凭热 diploma craze教学革新 educational reformAs college educational reform goes further and further , the disadvantaged groups in college were paid extensive attention .随着高校教育革新的不停深入,高校中弱势群体获得了社会的广泛关注。

学术的 academicStudents' interests are mostly limited to the academic realm .学生们的兴趣大多限于学术领域。创新学习 innovative learningThe evaluation of students innovative learning behaviors is an important link and effective means of guiding students innovative learning .学生创新学习行为评价是创新学习指导的一个重要环节和有效手段。高等教育 higher educationWe improved the overall quality of higher education , and enhanced the innovation capacity of colleges and universities .全面提高高等教育质量和水平,增强高校创新能力。

考研热 the craze for graduate school贫困学生 poverty-stricken studentsIn recent years , the succor of poverty-stricken college students has become a hot issue , which has attracted great concern of the society .贫困生救助问题是近几年广受社会关注的热点问题。全体教员 facultyFor the faculty , there exists the triad of responsibilities : teaching , research , and service .教员要负担三重责任:教学、研究与服务。深造 further one's studyIn 2002 he was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Dance Scholarship to further his study at the National Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Paris .在校期间,黎氏曾获取多项奖学金,2002年考获香港赛马会舞蹈基金,远赴巴黎国家音乐及舞蹈学院深造。

素质教育 quality educationThe essence of quality education is an educational ideology , a philosophy of education .素质教育是我国教育目标精神实质的一种教育思想,一种教育理念。造就能力 foster abilitiesThe tasks of prose teaching are to acquire knowledge , foster abilities , edify sentiment and irradiate the mind .散文教学的任务是获取知识,造就能力,陶冶情操,启迪心智。


品学兼优 be a students of fine qualities and fine scholar适应社会的改变 adjust to the social changes quickly满足社会的急需 meet the urgent need of the society努力获得精神文明 make efforts to seek cultural and ideological progress三、经济类经济 economyThe economy is expanding , notching up high growth rates .经济在生长,实现了高增长率。繁荣 boomAn economic boom followed , especially in housing and construction .接着泛起了经济繁荣,尤其是在房地工业和修建业。

零售 retailUnemployment is rising again and retail buying has fallen off .失业率再次上升,零售品购置量下降。促销 promote salesDespite the short-term cost burden , the development of the economy will promote sales , bringing more opportunities to enterprises .虽然对企业有短期成本压力,但经济连续生长,市场销售增加能给企业带来更多时机。治理 managementScientific management promotes production .科学治理推动了生产。

金融 finance , commerce/commercialReform in finance , taxation , banking , distribution , housing , government institutions and other areas has continued to deepen .财税、金融、流通、住房和政府机构等革新继续深化。Region economy and Commerce collectivize are one of fundamental trends that current world economy grows .区域经济和商业团体化是当今世界经济生长的重要趋势之一。

Universities are turning from academic to commercial sponsorship .各大学正从学术赞助转而寻求商业赞助。经济全球化 economic globalizationThe world is moving further toward multi-polarization and economic globalization .世界多极化和经济全球化趋势进一步生长。

可连续生长 sustainable developmentSustainable development of circular economy is an inevitable choice .循环经济是可连续生长的一定选择。不正当竞争 unfair competitionNo functionary may support or cover up unfair competition acts .国家官员不得支持、容隐不正当竞争行为。冒充伪劣产物 fake and inferior productIn my opinion , several strong measures should be adopted to deal with fake and inferior products .依我看,必须接纳若干有力措施来敷衍冒充伪劣产物。

打假 crack down on fake commoditiesWe should unswervingly crack down on illegal activities such as manufacturing and marketing fake commodities , tax evasion and smuggling .坚韧不拔地攻击制售冒充伪劣产物、偷税、走私等违法犯罪运动。购置力 purchasing powerInflation reduces the purchasing power of people living on fixed incomes .靠牢固收入生活的人其购置力因通货膨胀而下降。

猛烈竞争 fierce competitionIt has thus indirectly promoted fierce competition in international banking .因此,这间接促进了国际银行市场的猛烈竞争。售后服务 after-sale serviceComplaint is piling up about the after-sale service .人们对售后服务诉苦日益增多。生计问题 bread-and-butter issueHe doesn't just write for fun ; writing is his bread and butter .他写作并不只是为了兴趣,那是他的营生方式。企业形象 enterprise imageAccording to the reasons of the enterprise crisis , this essay argues how to prevent the enterprise crisis , how to deal with it and how to restore the enterprise image after the crisis .文章针对企业危机发生的原因,就如何举行企业危机预防、企业危机发生后如那边理、危机竣事后如何恢复企业形象等问题举行了叙述。

信用危机 credit crisisThe credit crisis has produced an avalanche of problems and also of explanations .信贷危机带来了成堆的问题,也带来了种种解释。稳定物价 stabilize pricesThe chief issue of stabilizing the economy is how to stabilize prices .稳定经济的首要问题是稳定物价。品牌效应 brand effectThere has been a growing awareness among company owners in the importance of brand effect .企业家越来越意识到品牌效应的重要性。

盛行的消遣方式 popular pastimeBlowing cyberkisses has become a popular pastime in emerging markets too .网上恋爱也成为新兴市场中的盛行消遣。四、治理类资本 capitalLand , labor and capital are all productive of wealth .土地、劳动和资本都能缔造财富。债券 bondThe eight-year bond will bear annual interest of 10.5% .这种8年期的债券年利率为10.5%。预算 budgetThis budget will have a net expansionary effect on the economy .本预算对经济的生长最终会有促进作用。


没收 confiscateThe copyright administrative authorities may confiscate their illegal income or impose a fine on them .由著作权行政治理部门给予没收非法所得、罚款等行政处分。拨款 appropriateThe legislature appropriated funds for the university .立法机关拨款作为大学经费。

公司 corporationIt takes brains to administer upon a large corporation .治理一家大公司需要智慧。商业顺差 active trade balanceWe also have faced a serious problem of active trade balance which has lasted for 14 years began from year 1994 and is presenting an enlarging trend recently .自1994年以来,我国已经保持了14年的商业顺差,而且出现出不停扩大的态势。商业逆差 adverse trade balanceThe total trade volume in imports and exports of mineral products reached US$160 billion in 2003 in China with the adverse trade balance growing .陪同着商业逆差的不停扩大,2003年中国收支口矿产物商业总额达1600亿美元。

审计员、查帐员 auditorThe audit report has been used to influence the auditor's legal liability .审计陈诉对审计人员的执法责任同样会发生重要影响。资产欠债表 balance sheetCash is listed first in the balance sheet , because it is the most liquid of all current assets .在所有的资产中,现金最具有流动性,因此,它作为流动资产的第一项列示于资产欠债表上。

自制货 bargainSometimes I like hunting a bargain at .有时候我喜欢在淘宝网上淘自制货。董事会 hoard of directorsThe Board of Directors has approved the decision unanimously .董事会成员一致批准了该项决议。盈亏表 bottom lineThese small promotions were costly and they did nothing to increase his bottom line .这些小规模的促销运动成本很高,而且对增加他的最终效益没什么孝敬。生意兴隆 briskRices are stable and the market is brisk .物价稳定,市场繁荣。

泡沫经济 bubble economyBubble economy usually starts with false prosperity and ends in a breakout of crises .泡沫经济通常以虚假繁荣开始,以危机发作了结。商业重组 business restructuringWith the globalization of market competition , enterprises must adapt to changing demand and continuous changes in personality , and provide fast and efficient software support for enterprise business restructuring and development to improve collaboration efficiency and its competitiveness .随着市场竞争的全球化,企业必须适应千变万化的个性需求和连续的厘革,并对企业业务的重组和生长提供快速高效的软件支持,以提高协同事情效率和自身竞争力。货物清单 cargo manifestArriving cargo should be reconciled against information on the cargo manifest .被装运后将要离岸的货物应该与货物单的信息相符。商品展销会 commodities fairThe Chinese export commodities fair offers an opportunity to meet many current friends in one place for business discussion , and to meet new friends that will open new business relationships .中国出口商品生意业务会提供了一个时机,让我们在一个地方会见许多老朋侪,商洽业务;又可遇见新朋侪,开创新的商业关系。

一、图表形貌词汇、词组及句型常用表达■基本要素类型:table, chart, diagram/graph, column chart, pie graph形貌:show, describe, illustrate, reveal, represent, can be seen from, clear, apparent内容:figure, statistic, number, percentage, proportion■表现数据变化的单词或者词组 –动词(1) 起伏、颠簸rise and fall, fluctuate, wave, undulate, rebound, recover(2) 高、低点值peak, reach a (high) peak/point,reach the bottom, reach a low point(3) 增加、上升、提高increase, grow, rise, climb, expand, ascend, skyrocket, soar(4) 淘汰、下降decrease, decline, fall, drop, descend, diminish, slide, shrink, collapse形容词或副词(1)变化庞大迅速的,飞快的, rapid/rapidly戏剧性的,生动的 dramatic/dramatically有意义的,重大的 significant/significantly锐利的,显着的 sharp/sharply急剧升降的 steep/steeply(2)变化平缓稳固的,坚定不移的 steady/steadily渐进的,逐渐的 gradual/gradually缓慢的,不活跃的 slow/slowly轻微的、略微地 slight/slightly稳定的 stable/stably■英语图表写作套句推荐图表的总体形貌1.The table shows the changes in the number of……over the period from……to……2.The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that……3.As can be seen from the diagram, great changes have taken place in……/ the two curves show the fluctuation of……4.From the table/chart/diagram/figure, we can see clearly that……or it is clear/apparent from the chart that……5.This is a graph which illustrates……6.The graph, …presented in a pie chart, shows the general trend in……7.This is a column chart showing……时间段表达方式1.over the period from…to…the…remained the year between……and…… the 3 years spanning from 1995 through 1998……4.from then on/from this time onwards……数据变化表达方式表现上升趋势的句型:1.the number sharply went up to……2.the figures peaked at……in(month/year)3.the situation reached a peak(a high point at) of[%].4.a increased by……5.a increased to……6.there is an upward trend in the number of……7. a considerable increase/decrease occurred from……to……8.……(year)witnessed/saw a sharp rise in……表现下降趋势的句型:1.the figures/situation bottomed out in……2.the figures reached the bottom/a low point/hit a trough.3.from……to……the rate of decrease slow down.4.from this year on,there was a gradual decline/ reduction in the……,reaching a figure of……表现平稳趋势的句型:1.the number of……remained steady/stable from (month/year) to (month/year).2.the percentage of…stayed the same between…and……3.the percentage remained steady at……表现比力的句型:1.the percentage of…is slightly larger/smaller than that of2.there is not a great deal of difference between……and……3.…decreased year by year while……increased steadily.4.there are a lot similarities/differences between……and……5.a has something in common with b6.the difference between a and b lies in……表现倍数的句型:1.the graphs show a threefold increase in the number of……2.a is ……times as much/many as b.一、请求信第一部门:先容自己、提出请求Could you please … ?Could you possibly … ?Would it be possible to … ?I would be grateful if you could … ?Would you mind doing … ?I wonder if you could spare some time to help me …第二部门:表达谢意、期盼回复Thank you for your attention to this matter .I look forward to prompt response .二、推荐信第一部门:指出被推荐人I am writing to you to recommend … for …I take great pleasure in recommending to you … as …I would like to present … for your consideration in your search for …With reference to your requirements(要求), I shall , without reservation(毫无保留), recommend … as an ideal candidate .第二部门:先容被推荐人的情况He / She is a / an …第三部门:总结说明I expect to hear from you soon .Please give this matter your immediate attention .I am confident / convinced that … I strongly recommend him to you with no reservation .Therefore , I do not hesitate to recommend her as an ideal candidate for the post you advertised .三、邀请信第一部门:说明邀请目的On behalf of … , I have the honor to invite you to …It is with the great pleasure that I write to cordially invite you to …It gives me the greatest pleasure to invite you to …We should be very grateful if you could …第二部门:说明运动摆设Will you and Mrs.Smith give the pleasure of dining with us at the Beijing Hotel on Sunday , October 10th , at eight o'clock ?There will be a dinner party to be held at the Beijing Hotel on Sunday , October 10th , at eight o'clock . Will you and Mrs.Smith come and join us ?I hope that you have no previous engagement and can join us for the English Evening at 7:00 p.m. on February 1st .第三部门:期盼回复We are looking forward to seeing you .I do hope that you will be able to come .We should be very pleased if you could honor us with your company .四、谢谢信第一部门:表现谢谢Thank you so much for …I warmly appreciate your hospitality(款待) .I am writing to express my thanks for …I am writing to extend mysincere/hearty gratitude/appreciation(真诚的谢谢)for …I would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks to you for …第二部门:说明事由Thank you very much for the gift you sent me . It's one of the most wonderful gifts I got on my birthday .I am writing this letter to thank you for your warm hospitality accorded to me and my delegation during our recent visit to your beautiful country .I would also like to thank you for your interesting discussion with me which I have found very informative and useful .第三部门:再次表现谢谢Thanks again .Again , I would like to express my warm thanks to you ! Please accept my gratitude .Thanks again and I hope that I will have the opportunity to return / repay your kindness .I am looking forward to …五、咨询信第一部门:自我先容、说明目的I'm interested in … Could you provide me with more details ?I would be very grateful to you if you let me know …I would appreciate very much if you can provide me with more details about …I have learned from … that you will … I just want to know specifically about …I am writing to see if it is possible for you to provide me with information regarding / concerning …第二部门:详细询问事宜Could you please tell me something about your … ?Would you please send me all the information and the forms as soon as possible ? Thank you very much .I would be much obliged (感谢) if you let me know the procedures I have to go through .第三部门:表现谢谢、期盼回复I am expecting your early reply / your immediate response .Your prompt attention to this letter would be highly appreciated .I am looking forward to hearing from you .Thank you for your consideration .六、慰问信I'm sorry to learn / hear that …It is really a pity that you failed in …Please don't feel too much distressed (痛苦,紧张) for this frustration .All of us are waiting for your rapid recovery / return to health(恢复康健).Please let me know of any assistance I can render you .。





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